Uttaranchal Institute of Hospitality Management and Tourism

UIHMT provides the fraternity of Students, a congenial environment which is conducive to pragmatic learning catering to the needs of modern globalised era. Our pedagogy is focused on inculcating inherent skills among students so as to make them successful professionals. Based on the need of different industries intensive training is imparted to upgrade the knowledge of students, so that they could excel in the fields of the management, computer, mass media and hospitality sector etc.

UIHMT believes in the innovative learning and maintaining a healthy student’s faculty ratio. Teaching and learning is inclusive of hands on experience in specialist practical labs, conference, seminars, special workshops, live projects to students, research based projects, assignments and field projects and practical work.



Our Objectives

The objective of our institute is to establish our name as a premier organization to develop competent and worthy manpower to support India’s effort to develop knowledge resource base and enriching human values in society.

To spread the message of healthcare in technological and scientific advances

To produce corporate, IT, Mass Media & Hospitality Professionals with great practical knowledge.

Our Mission & Vision


To provide quality education, grooming the individuals to serve in the healthcare industry, hotel industry, hospitality etc with most dedication and attention to inculcate discipline and knowledge amongst the students and help them contribute saving lives and serving the society as per their potential.


To become a premium institute for the wholesome development of ethically oriented and socially responsive professionals through sustainable research, creative teaching catering to globalised necessity. Our entire team works to be recognized as a one stop education center. Our aim is to become a leading campus that provides quality education in a manner that is holistic and evolutionary.


Value creation & Dissemination of knowledge to harness true human potential.

Chairman's Message

Our students are our strength and their success is our power.The foundation of any economic development is embedded in the fact that the particular population must be addiction free. In this regard, it is highly significant that young minds must be aware of the how and why aspects of their life, and be sensitized to the use of narcotics. They are the future of our nation and so need to be addiction free for their academic as well as professional excellence.

They need to be guided about the effects of addiction i.e. drugs, alcohol, and other direct/indirect intoxications. These aspirants of today will become the leaders of tomorrow, the social entrepreneurs who will introduce new strategies for healthy and happy living. Therefore, this lot of individuals if not guided in the right direction will get deviated towards the wrong path, leading to unproductivity.

UIHMT Group of Colleges was established in the year 2013 with vast intellectual as well as other scarce recourses focused upon effective learning and drive for the advancement of education by providing a wide range of vocational courses in the fields of Paramedical (Biomedical), Hospitality, Management, Information technology, and Tourism. The offered Paramedical courses solely aim to produce excellent Managers, Paramedics, Technicians, Technologists, Radiologists & other professionals, Scientists, and Educationists who are well aligned with Indian ethics and values. As hospitality itself has plenty of openings for new incumbents, UIHMT simply acts as a crucial mediator in imparting the right form of knowledge to aspiring students. We inculcate potential capabilities within students and provide them with some of the exceptional placement opportunities to upscale their careers. At UIHMT, discipline remains one of our core strengths which is well maintained across our operations and decision-making processes. 


Advocate Lalit Mohan Joshi

Chairman, UIHMT Group of Colleges

Managing director’s Message

Dear Aspirants

We value your passion and goals just as you value your enthusiasm for growth. As every stage in your life turns around to become a new experience, we wish to make your learning process a very fulfilling and fruitful one. We believe that students must never stick to the easier paths, rather should carefully choose what is right for them and hence what will lead them towards the ladder of success. You must spend quality time understanding yourself and realizing your inner strengths while introspecting within that where you can achieve the skill and knowledge that will push you towards the path of development and growth. Alongside, in order to enhance your skills and master new ones, you need to have a set frame of thought and defined values. This will not only help you accomplish bigger but will also make you feel content about your achievements. 

However, we understand that values are not inborn in nature as no one is born with the set of values relating to events, situations, practices, or institutions. They are shaped, nurtured, and developed at home and in educational institutions. And this is exactly where UIHMT Group of Colleges establishes itself as a reliable brand name. Education is a personality-building process and it has always been linked with society, having both personal and social dimensions and like the two sides of the same coin. In my opinion, the personality of a student that characterizes his/her individuality fined an appropriate avenue for self-development. UIHMT believes in broadening the outlook of students through a quality educational experience that will strengthen their ability to think and act on a cooperative basis. Quality education is also a critical means for developing wholesome knowledge and skills essential for the creation of a new generation of global citizens. At UIHMT, we strive to help students exploit the sea of pure potential within them and take up ethical education that will help them realize the actual calling of their life while also achieving their dreams.

We provide students with all the necessary guidance and support. They have the most talented and knowledgeable set of faculties who are always on their toes to assist the students with everything and anything possible. As our method of teaching is unique and holistic, we focus on encouraging creativity that is practiced with all values and principles. As aspiring leaders, the students need to be very cautious when choosing the institution for their studies. This is the stage when they put their trust in an institution to shape their career, therefore, we welcome you to anytime interact with our counseling team and professionals who will guide you through the journey at UIHMT. 

Wishing you all the best in your quest for career excellence.


Mr. Sanjay Joshi

Managing Director

Director's Message

I feel highly grateful and blessed to express my gratitude to my parents for their continuous support and for being the most amazing source of inspiration. It is also an honor to extend my heartiest regard to Shri Lalit Mohan Joshi, Chairman, and Shri Sanjay Joshi, Managing Director, UIHMT Group of Colleges for their selfless efforts. They both had the vision to impart quality and academic excellence in the field of education which laid the strongest foundation for our group.

I congratulate all the students of UIHMT Group of colleges for being dedicated and diligent towards their goals and achieving commendable academic upliftment. Our students are the most crucial pillar of our institute and we effectively see our growth when these gems succeed. Our students have made us glorified through their shimmering success in the corporate sector, beside this, students pursuing their courses have shown their sincere efforts towards their academics by achieving excellent results. UIHMT ensures the overall development of students to outperform in every field of life and help them to develop professional quality in them for their bright future.

The college is well equipped with highly qualified experienced and fully dedicated faculties who are imparting quality education. We also have a very rich and standard library and an upgraded computer lab where students can dive into the plethora of knowledge. We have separate hostel facilities for boys and girls with study support access. I feel proud and assured in recommending bright and determined students to seek admission in the different streams offered at our institute. We’ll definitely provide you with the best experience expected.


Mr. Ramesh Chandra Joshi


Message by the Finance Director

UIHMT provides the right environment for aspirants to take up a career of their choice that will help them in becoming better humans while also contributing meaningfully to society. Your faith and interest in UIHMT will certainly emerge as an important milestone in your life. All of our programs are at the forefront of the education and service delivery system in the entire state of Uttarakhand. We offer remarkable academic resources and attractive infrastructure besides interstate and industrial collaboration that aim to further strengthen students’ interest in education and research.

We leave no chance to teach our students with the best possible methods, therefore organizing conferences, seminars, discussions, and various personality development workshops to help students improve their performance and boost their confidence. At large, UIHMT is a fraternity where each individual involved serves as a true friend to the students and ensures to stand in their support as and when required.  

I welcome and invite scholars across the country to experience a superior value system at UIHMT and get a chance to self-discover their talents and passion. 


Mr. Kedar Adhikari

Finance Director

Message by the Registrar

It is an honor and a true pleasure for me to serve as a Registrar for UIHMT where traditional academic values and contemporary academic agendas are combined together to train students in the best manner. Definitely, leading this institution is a challenge I relish.

Just as they say life is very uncertain, there are varied challenges we face on a regular base that is not limited to an individual or region but impact the wider education system, the nation, and the entire world at large. A few of these challenges can be taken up directly, worked upon, and resolved easily. Yet there are a few problems that should be discussed together in the community and can be resolved with care, where the ones responsible to solve the issue must take charge and come in front. 

As the Registrar of the UIHMT Group of Colleges, I take this as my proud privilege to oversee and monitor all aspects of the undergraduate and postgraduate programs being offered in the institution. To us, every student is a true responsibility, the ones who walk down the corridors of our college and show their faith in us. We innovate our education patterns in a manner that is holistic and fulfilling where students reach out to their complete potential as academic achievers and prove themselves as all-rounders in their careers. With the dedicated support of our staff and faculty, my goal is to encourage the efforts of our students and to help them make the most out of the educational and extracurricular opportunities offered at UIHMT. Our mission is not only to help the nationwide scholars bring glory to our state or the institution but for the entire country. 

I assure you that your choice of selecting UIHMT College will emerge as a significant milestone in your life. Join us and we’ll together help you walk the path of content and selfless living. 


Prof. Gurdev Singh