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Uttaranchal Institute of Hospitality Management and Tourism

UIHMT provides the fraternity of Students, a congenial environment which is conducive to pragmatic learning catering to the needs of modern globalised era. Our pedagogy is focused on inculcating inherent skills among students so as to make them successful professionals. Based on the need of different industries intensive training is imparted to upgrade the knowledge of students, so that they could excel in the fields of the management, computer, mass media and hospitality sector etc.

UIHMT believes in the innovative learning and maintaining a healthy student’s faculty ratio. Teaching and learning is inclusive of hands on experience in specialist practical labs, conference, seminars, special workshops, live projects to students, research based projects, assignments and field projects and practical work.

While we say we are ethical and abide by our values in every way possible, we majorly focus to highlight the goodness of morality that we practice. We are establishing a learning ecosystem that is above all kinds of disparities and language barriers where every student is considered indistinguishable and deserving. We believe that education is everyone’s right, therefore no individual should be abandoned from upskilling themselves in the name of race, caste, region, or religion. UIHMT is certainly a land of equality where students are free to choose any program based on their interests and passion while leveraging a free learning space.

We consider Indian ethics as our founding principles and the fundamental strength of the overall system. Thus, we respect student diversity and are proud to welcome young champions from all across the globe to pursue unique careers and gain sustainable growth at UIHMT.

‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ is what we preach and that is how we are innovating our teaching patterns each day.


'We encourage diversified learning'

Education to us is a mission, a responsibility that is inculcated within the heart and soul of each member of our foundation. We function with a core ambition of fostering independent thinking within our students in order to make them real-life professionals and industry fit.

At the UIHMT college, the students are provided with a congenial environment that is conducive to pragmatic learning and caters to the needs of the modern globalized era. Our students are our champions who develop the necessary intellectual skills needed to confront complex challenges. They are enlightened using emerging technologies and methodologies which eventually transform them into becoming a resourceful asset for the market and the country as a whole. 

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To provide quality education, grooming the individuals to serve in the healthcare industry, hotel/hospitality industry etc with most dedication and attention to inculcate discipline and knowledge amongst the students which help them to contribute in saving lives and serving the society as per its potential.


To become a premium institute for the wholesome development of ethically oriented and socially responsive professionals through sustainable research, creative teaching catering to globalised necessity. Our entire team works to be recognized as a one stop education center. Our aim is to become a leading campus that provides quality education in a manner that is holistic and evolutionary.

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3 Years Bachelor Degree

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We are approved by Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University.